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E-learning content development.



E-learning content development.

For the purposes of different types of learning, knowledge sharing and testing, we create e-learning content.

In the creation of e-learning content we use gamification and design thinking approach, we focus on creating a proper instructional design in combination with experience design, which results in a dynamic and fun learning experience.

We provide all the necessary resources for development. We can customize your educational material or use our own.

We prepare educational materials for the e-course through instructional and experience design.

It is advisable for the user to provide their project manager, who will collect educational materials and communicate with the project manager from Next Level Factory during the period of e-course development.

The e-courses we create usually have: pre-testing and final testing, various games and fun repetition of material, quizzes, interactive content, simulations of real situations, video and audio.

We use modern tools such as Adobe Captivate 2019.

Microlearning - Virtual reality (VR) - Immersive Learning with VR Experiences - 360⁰ Learning Experiences - Interactive Videos - Smart Video Recording - Webcam + Screen -Responsive Learning

E-learning courses may contain different elements depending on the need and purpose of the educational material:

Gamification & Game-based learning

Software simulations

Simulations of real business situations

Fun quizzes


3D simulations

Personalized lessons

Pre-testing, intermediate testing, and final testing

Course content is accompanied by interactive and multimedia elements

Repeating exercises throughout the game

Automatic digital certification upon successful completion of e-courses

Evaluation by e-course participants

Social learning

Virtual Reality: Head-turning learning

Rest as needed

We deliver the final content in an agreed format; usually in SCORM 1.2 -compatible format with LMS system, HTML 5, exe file or flash (swf).

The design of the e-courses is responsive, which means that it adapts to the device on which the e-course is viewed.

Developed content becomes the property of the client.

The cost of creating one e-learning course depends on the size of the project, and usually contains 3 consulting days on the project creation (start, middle, and end).


A lot of details need to be taken into consideration when introducing eLearning into an organization; motivation, connection with job requirements, engagement, securing time, etc.

In order for a digital learning implementation project to succeed in an organization, it is important, first and foremost, to have management support and a clear strategy.

A digital learning strategy is one of the most important components of an organization's digital transformation.

We place particular emphasis on the design thinking approach to building the digital learning process to maximize your strategy for your employees.


We provide support in the form of training and various digital learning related training.

If you decide to create your own e-courses, we help you to properly understand the instructional and experiential design needed to create the best content of your e-courses.

We help you understand the concept of gamification in conducting digital learning and teach you how to properly define the aesthetics you want, choose the actions and mechanisms you need.

Through the application of design thinking in process creation, we teach you how to maximize your digital content and learning processes for your employees and create new learning experiences for them.


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